Larry Walker or: How I Finally Gave Up and Stopped Trying to Determine Hall of Fame Qualifications

For the past three years, I have been leading the campaign to get Larry Walker into the Hall of Fame. The campaign has mostly involved talking him up to people who don’t actually have Hall of Fame votes, so you’d think it would be largely ineffective, but his voting totals have gone up every year […]

WGN – Chicago’s Very Own Home for Baseball

When the White Sox and WGN announced that they had reached an agreement to broadcast all 162 games for the upcoming baseball season and beyond, I heard a lot of celebration that baseball is back on WGN after a three-year drought. But I also heard people express the oddness that it’s the White Sox they’ll […]

25 years of Frontier Leaguing

[Originally published in May, 2017] On June 30, 1993, eight teams began play in the Frontier professional baseball League and a new era of baseball was born. Well, maybe not exactly a new era. In fact, independent baseball is just about as old as baseball itself with leagues existing all over the country for well […]

2015-We hardly kne…you get the idea

[Originally published in September, 2015] I confess I’ve seen a lot of baseball in my life. But I don’t remember ever seeing a stretch of games like the first 64 that the ThunderBolts played this year. Exactly two thirds of the way through the season, after watching this team play day after day for more […]

2013-We hardly knew ye

[Originally published in September, 2013] On August 26 of last year, the ThunderBolts suffered a crushing defeat at the hands of the eventual champion Southern Illinois Miners. They lost leads in the seventh and eighth and then dropped the game in the tenth. The loss effectively ended the ThunderBolts’ playoff hopes but it was the […]