An audio essay I recorded about the 27-game hitting streak for ThunderBolts star Omar Obregon in 2018:



As part of my work in baseball, I host daily pre- and postgame shows. This is the intro that I produced to open each broadcast:

Here is an example of an entire pregame show, getting ready for the ThunderBolts and the Florence Freedom on July 27, 2017:

And another interview that aired pregame on August 18, 2017:


Baseball Highlights

Over the years, I’ve spent plenty of time in the editing room, perhaps my favorite part of the radio game. Here is a very small sampling of some of the work I have done.

A year-end highlight reel for the 2012 Windy City ThunderBolts:

The same year-end deal for 2013:

And for 2014:

2015’s highlight reel:

Here are the highlights on the 2016 ThunderBolts:

And, of course, 2017’s:

Why not a highlight reel for 2018 ThunderBolts as well?

Finally, the highlights for the 2019 ThunderBolts:


Promotional Spots

The 2009 Saint Xavier University football team went on a pretty impressive run to the national semifinals and most weeks, we put a promo on the air to advertise the upcoming broadcast. Although most of the credit (or scorn if you are less impressed) for these goes to Christian Ballenger, I’m including them on my website anyway.