Swing and a Miss: On Being a Baseball Fan

In 2011, I started work on a documentary that would explore what it means to be a baseball fan and my personal relationship with the game. Writers Jay Jaffe, Will Leitch, Rob Neyer, David Pinto and Al Yellon were gracious enough to lend their voices to my work which I titled “Swing and a Miss” only because I felt it needed a title. The final product is a 30-minute feature that can be heard here:


The Golden Age of Radio

I worked on this project as a senior in college. It is a 30-minute documentary on the history of Old Time Radio as the country made a transition to television as it’s primary source of mass entertainment:


Discovering Droopy

This is another school project and only four minutes long. I worked on this for a radio production class in college. If you are unfamiliar with the character Droopy Dog, this is must-listen radio: