Episode Two, Wherein the City Series is Inaugurated

In 1903, after three years of trying, the Cubs and White Sox get on the field together to play a best-of-15 series. In this episode, you’ll get a front row seat to every game (in your imagination, that is). Then, in 1904, the peace established between the leagues is in jeopardy. Thanks to one of the biggest cheating scandals seen in early baseball, so is the city series.

Extra Notes

  • Prior to the 1903 series, James Hart had offered his players $100 each for every game under 15 that the series lasted, trying to ensure there would be no funny business. It apparently didn’t work. Since they didn’t win the series, no one received the money anyway.
  • Results of the other 1903 postseason series:
    • World Series: Boston 5; Pittsburgh 3
    • St. Louis: Browns 5; Cardinals 2
    • Philadelphia: A’s 4; Phillies 3 (The Phillies won four of five preseason matchups)
    • Ohio: Cleveland 6; Cincinnati 3
  • Running totals through 1904:
    • Series – Tied 0-0-1
    • Games – Tied 7-7

Featured Songs

“In the Good Old Summertime,” by the Sousa Band
“El Capitan,” by the Sousa Band
“A Bird in a Gilded Cage,” by Harry Von Tilzer
“Hiawatha,” by Neil Moret
“John Henry,” by EJ Stark
“Jingo,” by Edwin Gale


Unless otherwise noted, photos come courtesy of the Library of Congress

Doc White
White Sox pitcher Doc White
Johnny Kling
Cubs catcher Johnny Kling
Cubs pitcher Bob Wicker’s burial site (just a few blocks from my house)